Treviso, 2016
Team: Massimo Galeotti, Elisa Rizzato, Alberto Dal Bò, Fabio Montagner, Studio Iknoki
Photo: Valentino Nicola

The exhibition has been hosted by Galleria SP3, Treviso, from 2 September to 2 October 2016. It was dedicated to the works of the studio and the figure of the architect. The gallery chose Massimo Galeotti as a young professional to start a series of three exhibitions focused on the architect as a professional figure. The other two monographic exhibitions are dedicated to other two architects from Treviso, born respectively in 1966 and 1935, hence the generational title “1979 Massimo Galeotti”.

The House, the architectural archetype, contains the exhibition.

The installation in itself represents “what has been built”, the ultimate realisation the architect aspires to with his action. Black on the outside, it contains the unique elements that mark his personal formation path.

Images, drawings and photographs are pinned on the wall like a collection of postcards: memories both far and near, that sometimes overlap and create relations or dissonances.

The delicate theme of the formation is not limited to the stream of memories and stratifications, and refers to the practice of a continuous development, updated with new experiences and research.

The “formation” is followed and mirrored on the opposite wall by the “form/action” representing the work of the architect: projects and realisations are reproduced in photographs and renders that acquire a three-dimensional and volumetric shape in their respective wooden models.

1979 img 1
1979 img 2
1979 img 3
1979 img 4
1979 img 5
1979 img 6
1979 img 7
1979 img 8
1979 img 9
1979 img 10
1979 img 11
1979 img 12
1979 img 13