Norrköping, Sweden
Team: Massimo Galeotti, Elena Cecchetto, Vittorio Massimo

Norrköping is a city in the province of Östergötland, in eastern Sweden, and the seat of Norrköping Municipality, Östergötland County. It is Sweden's tenth largest city and eighth largest municipality, and is situated by the mouth of the river Motala ström, at Bråviken, an inlet of the Baltic Sea.

The core of the project is a reflection on the interplay between infrastructures, urban development, and their impact on natural landscapes. The urban area at issue is crossed by a heavy transport state highway, Gamla Övägen, which connects the city with the southern town of Söderrköping.

The highway cuts the territory into two, disregarding its complex morphology, orography, and its natural and urban features: it constitutes a factual barrier between the residential area and the service industry district, since there is a lack of connection solutions between the two. On the east side there are a medical school, several offices, and the hospital, whereas the west side is a residential district, featuring also a playground for children and common areas. Likewise, the highway intersects the forest of the natural reserve of Vrinneviskogen, failing to provide suitable pedestrian and cycling crossings. The project aims at creating a network of connections fostering a sustainable urban mobility and decreasing the environmental impact of infrastructures. The highway is covered by means of a new artificial surface to shroud cars and vehicles, and limit noise and atmospheric pollution.

New pedestrian and cycle paths connect the east and the west side of the highway, while the public transportation routes are adjusted to the new urban setting. The new artificial surface is a suitable area to build further residential, commercial and business buildings: the potential investment in the development of the peri-urban area is promoted through methods and technologies devoted to environmental sustainability.

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